Touch The Earth Foundation was founded in 1992. Our mission is to provide education and instruction in cross-cultural customs and beliefs. We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of Native American wisdoms and traditions through a variety of hands-on educational programs designed for people of all ages. Using ancient teachings, stories, art and song to help people connect with their environment and center their lives--thus promoting self-esteem, peace and unity.

Recently we have focused on our Rainbow Hoops Programs. The program uses storytelling, music, dance and art to introduce students to the Native American Culture with the concept of honoring all Sacred colors of Humanity. In November 1994, the Deer Canyon Elementary School in San Diego, California, helped fund a Foundation Program by selling corn candles and bake goods to cover our costs for a week-long program. To date our programs have touched thousands of youths, imparting lasting, positive imprints of self worth and environmental awareness, as well as an understanding of Native American Culture.

We are presently looking for funding (private sponsors or grants) to produce educational videos, criteria and study guides for enrichment to the K-6 Native American History requirements as required by the California State Board of Education. The Foundation provides jobs for urban Native Americans as Story Tellers and educators in subjects such as environmental science and agricultural methods of teaching which are unique to the Native American Indian.

Rainbow Hoops also provides programs on a deeper and more intensive level, for "troubled" youth attending special schools or spending time in detention centers. An example is the success The Foundation experienced at Rocky Mountain Academy, Boners Ferry, Id. and Echo Springs Transitional Study Center (Boarding Schools for troubled youth) in Sand Point, Idaho. These experiences have given The Foundation many additional opportunities with other Independent Schools for our Rainbow Hoops programs.

Katherine Cheshire, Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation, as well as many Hopi Elders, Story Tellers of other Native American Indian Nations, and volunteers from local communities from state to state and country to country, are among the facilitators for The Foundation's educational programs.

Touch The Earth Foundation, (TTEF), is a qualified nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Public Benefit Corporation IRS code 170 (b) (a) (vi) filed 9/14/92. Employer Identification Number #33-0532354. The Founder, Katherine Cheshire, has been involved in these projects since 1985.


Katherine Cheshire
Founder/Executive Director

Touch The Earth Foundation
[The contact information here has been removed as it was obsolete. If anyone can send us current contact information for Touch The Earth Foundation or Katherine Cheshire, please send info to Thank you.]

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